Donations Disclaimer

Donating has never been easier. You can donate through secure EFT, credit card or uKash should the charity have activated these features.

Change SA do not profit in any way from a donation that is made to a charity on the Change SA site.

Change SA do not take a % of the donation, and the donation is made directly to the charities Payfast account.

Payfast is a secure payment gateway, using the highest security and latest encryption techniques, ensuring your details are never compromised.


Payfast Fees

Payfast have a reduced “per transaction fee” (similar to bank charges) ,especially for NPO’s, which are as follows :

Setup Fee : Free

Monthly Fee: Free


Receive Funds

Instant EFT : 1.50% (Min R1.00)

Credit Card : 4.00% + R1.00

Ukash         : 6.50% (Min R1.00)

Payouts      : R 4.39*

*All fees are Ex VAT

By donating money to any organisation that you have found on the change SA site, you confirm that you are making a voluntary donation to that organisation.

Change SA is not responsible for the account information that is provided by the organisation or any aspect of the financial transaction. We do however, together with Payfast, ask for the organizations NPO number and some basic details to verify their account.

Should you require more info, please contact for payment enquiries or for change SA enquiries.